Lighter and Stronger Aluminium Products


We are a mechanical production company that has specialized in forming aluminium products using methods which we have developed in-house. These methods utilize the possibility of producing products with low weight and high strength from high-strength aluminium alloys. The process especially suited for tubular components with variable wall thickness and sloid end-sections, but our equipment can perform several forming tasks e.g. forging and extrusion.

In addition, we also perform multiple operations within mechanical processing of aluminium, and we have several years of experience from product development and design.

Forming, forging and extrusion

We perform our forming processes in hydraulic presses where we combine extrusion and close die forming into on single process. Our biggest press has a force of 300 tons and can form components with a total length of 1500mm and diameter 130mm.


We are equipped with several metalworking machines which enables the possibility performing milling-, turning-, drilling-, bending-, and stamping operations. These are both CNC and manual operated machinery which makes it possible for us to deliver turn-key products in compliance with customer requirements.

Heat treatment

We possess heat treatment equipment and 30+ years of experience which secures the correct properties for each product. We have two ovens with the measures 1,7 x 1,2 x 2,0 m (W x D x H) where we are able to heat treat most hardenable alloys.

Product development and design

We perform product development and design at our facilities in Trondheim. Our staff has several years of experience within mechanical design, materials, and production equipment development.


Alupro-N AS was established in Trondheim in 1984 by our founders which had background from SINTEF. After being a prototype manufacturer the first years of business we have established an extensive customer group both in Norway and abroad, and we have gained a foothold within industries such as constructions, electric power and agriculture.