Project Examples

Pole Climbing Shoes in co-operation with Ensto Nor:

In collaboration with Ensto Nor, we have developed a pole climbing shoe that is used for climbing poles during work and maintenance of overhead electrical equipment. The product is specially designed with low weight and high strength, and it's suited to allow climbers to work with their feet at the same height for equal footing. The equipment is used for work in height and is therefore certified according to the Swedish Workers' Protection Agency.

Aluminium Pry Bar with integrated steel point:

Our unique manufacturing process has enabled us to develop a high-strength, low-weight aluminium pry bar with an integrated steel point. The pry bar is hollow-shaped with massive end-sections, and it's made of high-strength aluminium. Due to the design of the product, the user will be able to take advantage of the properties of both materials without compromising the user experience. A hard steel point, and a shaft with low weight and high strength. The project was initiated and conducted by us, and the products are now sold through the Swedish company Hultafors Group AB.

Scaling bar with replaceable steel point:

Like our aluminium pry bars with integrated steel tip, our Scaling bars are designed and manufactured for low weight and high strength. The scaling bars are produced with high-strength aluminium and it is developed with the possibility of using replaceable steel tips at both ends. This makes the product particularly suitable for mountain scaling, quarrying and tunnel work. The product can be purchased directly from us by contacting us at e-mail,

Semi-finished products (near-net shape):

By using our forming technique, we can produce semi-finished products with near-net shape. This is particularly interesting for products that e.g. will undergo further CNC-machining. By purchasing a semi-finished product with near-net shape from us, the customer can save machining time compared to machining from a massive block or bolt.

Rolls for grass balers in co-operation with Kuhn:

For Kuhn, we have developed rolls for grass balers and wrappers which is used within the agricultural industry. The rollers are hollow shaped with massive end sections which are CNC-machined to fit the connections on the equipment. They are therefore delivered in one-piece without the use of welding or other assembly methods. The bale-and-wrap process itself applies high stress on the rollers, but the high-strength aluminium alloy, together with our manufacturing method, makes it possible to use lightweight aluminium in the product.