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About Us

Alupro-N was established in 1984 in Trondheim, Norway. We specialize in forming different aluminium alloy products and components to create unique durable components and products with low weight and high strength. Our special forming process combines material extrusion and close die forming into one single process, which enables the possibility of creating high strength aluminium products with near-net-shape directly out of the forming press. In collaboration with our customers we utilize our knowledge to develop the optimized solutions which solves their needs. From product development to the manufacturing and delivery of quality assured products. See some of our project examples here


Our vision is to be a preferred partner for developing and producing light weight products and components with high strength and quality.


Hydraulic presses:

At our location in Trondheim, Norway we can perform our specialized forming processes where we combine extrusion and closed die forming all-in-one. This enables the possibility to create unique durable components and products with low weight and high strength. The process is especially suited for tubular components with variable wall thickness and solid end sections integrated. The largest hydraulic press we possess has a 300-ton capacity, and is custom made for our purpose.


Our workshop is set up with several metalworking machines which enables us to mill, turn, drill, stamp, and bend. This includes both manual- and CNC-controlled machines. This gives us the possibility to deliver turnkey products in accordance to specifications from our customers.


To join components together we have the possibility to use welding whenever it is suitable. This process is supported by our Cobot (Collaborative Robot), which enables us to perform welding efficiently and repeatable. This is highly recommended for standardized products with a reasonably high batch size.

Heat treatment:

At our facilities we have heat treatment equipment and 30+ years of experience which ensures the correct properties for each product. We have 2 chamber ovens with inner dimension 1,7 x 1,2 x 2,0 m.

Surface treatment:

We have close connections to local companies which performs different types of surface treatment on our products. This can be e.g. anodizing or painting. In addition, we have pickling/passivation equipment for chemical surface treatment which we use on several of our products.


All products that are being delivered turnkey to the customer are assembled in accordance to customer specification. Our assembly line is manual and, in some cases, semi-automated dependent on batch size and product turnover. We are therefore capable of setting up an assembly line based on each individual product.

Quality Assurance

We strive to fulfil our customers' requirements surrounding quality assurance. Each product therefore has a quality control plan, and all documentation is handed to the customer upon delivery. Our deliveries are therefore fully traceable, from raw material to finalized product. The quality control plan will be prepared in advance of the production for our customers approval.


We perform in-house design and development at our facilities in Trondheim. Here we have several years of experience within mechanical design, materials, design of manufacturing equipment and product development. It's important for us to focus on our customers and their needs, we therefore work in close relation to their development departments and employees.

Local collaboration:

As we are located in Trondheim, we have access to local expertise through collaboration with SINTEF which is one of Europe’s largest independent research organisations, and NTNU which is a technology and science university. We use their expertise both as third party auditors and advisors.


Choosing material:

The application and environment in which the product is to be used determines which material is suitable for the individual product, whether it is corrosion resistance, weight or strength that is controlling. At Alupro-N we have the expertise needed to find the most suitable material in collaboration with our customers, and we have experience in forming various types of aluminium alloys.

Material examples:

Demands for high strength and low weight implies for e.g. a high strength material such as AA7021. This is a zinc alloyed material which has a tensile strength up to 510MPa, which is demanding to extrude, but which is one of the materials we have specialized in forming.

For products used in corrosion-exposed environments, an alloy with higher corrosion resistance is required. We often recommend AA6082 alloy which, together with the right surface treatment, provides a better corrosion resistant product. This is a MgSi alloy material that provides better weldability, increased strength and improved corrosion resistance.